10 Things to Do While Traveling to Baguio, Philippines

One of the best places to visit in the Philippines is the beautiful city of Baguio and the area that surrounds it. Here’s a list of 10 things to do while you’re there.

For me, one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines is Baguio. Though, I lived in the Philippines, I still considered it a must visit place. Baguio is a high in elevation and located in the Northern Luzon in the Philippines. It’s a cool climate place and it’s great for relaxation. It’s a complete change from the most popular city, Manila, which is very hot summer and packed full of people.

You must have at least 500 Philippine Pesos to get there from Manila by bus. While you’re in Baguio, the food and lodging costs are higher on holidays and peak vacation times of the year. Other times it’s more relaxing and affordable.

Here are some of the places that you should visit Baguio:

1.  Mines View Park – it’s the most visited park in the city. It has a breath taking view of some mountains and cliffs.

2.  Burnham Park – a park that’s perfect for picnics, biking, and boating. It’s the center of all activities in Baguio and you’ll find lots of souvenir items and specialty foods.

3.  Botanical Garden – it’s also known as the Igorot village. It is the place where you can see the Natice Nipa huts where the Igorot people live. It’s a very tranquil and relaxing place.

4.  Crystal Cave – a very dark and cold cave. It is said to be a cave full of crystal, but as time goes by, because of economic problems, people were forced to get some of this crystal and sell it. Still it’s a good place to visit and you can still see some of those crystals stuck on the cave wall.

5.  PMA (Philippine Military Academy) – it is the premier military institution of the Philippines. You can see cadets doing things like marching and combat training.

6.  The Mansion – this is a replica of the Buckingham Palace in London. This is the place where the Philippine president and the first family stay if they are in Baguio.

7.  Wright Park – this is where you can see a pool of pines. You can also see more native people and get pictures taken with them.

8.  The Grotto – you have to take 252 steps to reach the top of the Grotto. It is located at the top of a high hill in the western part of the city and it’s where you will find the image of the Lady of Lourdes.

9.  Strawberry Farm – a good place for strawberry lovers. This is where you can pick and eat fresh strawberries for a small fee.

10. Asin (Salt Spring) – a hot spring that you must visit. It’s nice to dip on a hot water during a cold day.

For those who want to visit Baguio, the city pines… You should try it. This cool and refreshing place is waiting for you! You can find more travel ideas about Baguio here at Yahoo.

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