13 Truths and a Lie

13 Truths and a Lie

I guess I will try this game.  Guess which one is a lie.

1.  I have had the number one position with over 1000 google search engine results at one time.

2.  I am deaf in one ear.

3.  I have 5 computers on my desk at work that I use throughout the day.

4.  If my boss walked past me at work and I am on xanga, I would not quickly close out of my site down.  I would tell him “wait a second while I finish updating my blog.”

5.  I learned to how to respond to email only 9 years ago.

6.  I was 19 before I saw my first porn movie.

7.  I had a person who I considered a friend who killed 6 people.

8.  I have had sex in the park, the backyard, the front yard, a boat, the beach and in a car.

9.  I wake up at 5:15 in the morning.

10.  I am the first to work in the morning and usually the last to leave.

11.  I rarely take a lunch break and eat while I continue to eat.

12. I will not eat or drink after anyone and that includes my wife.

13.  TV bores me.

14.  I read all of your comments.

Which one is the lie?

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