$2500 Gift

$2500 Gift

There was once a woman who we will call Rebecca.  Rebecca was your typical young woman.  One day she met the man of her dreams.  They dated for a year and then he asked her to marry him.  She said, “Yes” and they married a year later. They settled down and began to make a life together.  Soon she was pregnant and they had their baby girl.  They were so happy.  It wasn’t long and they had another child.  Married life had ups and downs but Rebecca knew this was typical in marriage.

One day, Rebecca was told by a friend that her husband was cheating on her.  Rebecca rejected this idea because it did not appear to be the nature of her husband Jim.  They had been married for 10 years and after 10 years you really get to know a person.  She asked Jim and Jim denied he was ever involved.  It was not long before a few of her friends had contacted her telling her the same thing.

One Thursday night, Jim told his wife he had cheated on her.  Rebecca was devastated.  In the back of her heart, she sort of suspected something was wrong.  Jim said it would never happen again.  Rebecca struggled to come to terms with it.  There was so much pressure to forgive Jim.  She struggled between the balance of forgiveness and accountability.  She found out that Jim had bought the other woman a $2500.00 gift on credit.  This was a much larger sum of money than he had ever spent on her.  She was told she needed to forgive and it was an up and down struggle for a few years.  There was so many reminders to what had taken place.  Her husband had fathered a child with the other woman so he had to pay child support.  Each check made out was a reminder.  Slowly they began to turn the page and move on with their lives.

One Christmas, she told her husband she wanted a certain gift that was worth $125.00.  It was something she felt she needed for work anyway.  But her husband explained to her that money was real tight and it would not be possible. 

Despite her best efforts to forgive, she could not help but to remember the $2500.00 gift for the other woman.


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