3 Reasons to Get Dog Bite Insurance

Florida covered canine policy

It’s a reality that most canine owners don’t want to face, but dog bites are actually a lot more common, and costly, than most people realize. It might be a good idea to research a Florida covered canine policy to protect yourself in case it ever happens to you. Here are three reasons to consider it:


Financial Protection


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that dog bites occur to 4.7 million people every year, and results in about $400 million in related medical expenses. This could financially devastate you if you don’t have an adequate Florida covered canine policy in place.


Peace of Mind


Many people mistakenly assume that their homeowner’s insurance will cover them if their dog bites someone. When in fact it is fairly rare to see a dog bite covered under a homeowner’s plan. For your peace of mind it is better to enact your own dog bite protection policy.


Personal Well-Being


When your dog bites someone, not only can it affect you financially but it can also damage your personal well-being. You may notice neighbors avoiding you, and you might feel personally responsible.


Keep yourself protected by researching a good Florida covered canine policy. While you may hope that your dog won’t ever bite another human or pet, it can’t be completely guaranteed. Speak with an insurance provider today to find out more about this important type of coverage.