3 Simple DIY Boat Maintenance Tips

Boat Maintenance

Conducting regular boat maintenance can go a long way in keeping your boat in great operating condition and preserving the lifespan of the different parts. While you could hire an expert to continually clean your boat, there are some things you can do yourself.

Wash Your Boat Often

One of the first things to do when coming back to the dock is to wash your boat. Using clean freshwater and environmentally friendly soap designed specifically for boats will help keep debris and saltwater from ruining the paint or eating away at the parts.

Wipe Down the Interior

After you wash the outside, take care of cleaning the inside. Even though insurance plans like the ones found at www.marinersins.com can cover furniture and fixtures, you don’t want a claim denied for poor maintenance work. Your interior can develop mildew or mold if left to sit, but dirt and salt can also cause damage.

Check the Engine

Before you head out on the water, you will probably check the engine. However, checking once you come back in can keep a small maintenance problem from turning into a repair nightmare. Look for cracks in the hose, leaking parts, and loose bolts.

DIY repairs and maintenance to your boat help ensure you have many more safe and entertaining trips on the water. Use a checklist to address the most crucial components.