3 Ways a Cyber Privacy and Network Security Liability Policy Provides Business Professionals With Cyber Security Solutions

Every company, from the healthcare industry to the legal profession, is exposed to a thriving landscape of cyber threats. Cyber security insurance safeguards your business from emerging risks as hackers become increasingly more creative in targeting vulnerabilities in our digital world.

A cyber privacy and network security liability policy provides business professionals with coverage for first and third-party costs resulting from a data breach and theft of critical personal and health information. A comprehensive cyber privacy insurance policy is designed to cover defense costs and other expenses including:

1. Network Security

A policy tailored for your business in the event of a data breach is vital. A reliable cyber privacy insurance program includes coverage for:

  • Claims made by third parties arising out of a breach of computer networks and data storage units or devices
  • Failure to prevent the transmission of a virus or malicious code
  • Online and offline information

2. Privacy Breach Response Costs

Cyber privacy insurance provides indemnity for expenses incurred due to a privacy breach, including legal and public relations fees, data forensic services, credit monitoring and identity theft restoration.

3. Regulatory Defense and Penalties

A cyber privacy policy provides protection from defense costs and penalties for violations of stringent privacy regulations such as HIPAA.

Helpful and preemptive additional services include free cyber hotline resources, newsletters and cyber risk score evaluations.

Every professional organization requires diligent protection of confidential data in this increasingly technologically advanced digital world. State-of-the-art cyber privacy insurance is dedicated to expertly combating the escalating threat of cyber criminals.