$40,000 By July 3rd

I wish you the best in this Dan.  At $48 a year, it would only require 1250 subscribers to reach the goal, and it appears that many have given more than $48, devoting a lot of time and effort.  (Kudos to ALL of you who have!)  So, how many people have actually bought paid subscriptions for a year to keep it going? It would appear less than 600.  It would seem that if a paid membership is what it will take to keep going,  the chances of surviving increase with more members at a lower figure, say like a dollar a month.  It would increase traffic, which as you have cited in the past, is an issue.The LIFE membership issues continue to remain unanswered, and these are from people who already have invested in Xanga, so it would appear, at least to me, that previous investors are being ignored, like we should not ask.  I know from messages and emails I have received from other life members, they feel as if Xanga has flipped them off.  Again, best of luck, I really hope you guys meet your goal considering all the hard work you have put into this!John

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