6 Things Rich People Need To Stop Saying

There are a lot of factors that go into it. It’s not just about hard work. You have to be smart, know the right people, be given the right opportunities and have what is in demand at the time it is demanded, be it your skill set, service or product. The people who started with less and became wealthy got lucky by having those things line up for them properly.

I’ll use myself as an example, two years ago I came up with a great idea for a website. Over the last two years I’ve been working my ass of to try and get it built, but I’ve ended up working with some people who are lazy and plagued with other personal problems. It wasn’t just one person, I’ve been through three people like that. I’m not giving up, but so far the stars have not aligned for me. In that period of two years I’ve seen other websites launch with similar ideas to my own. Effectively meaning that when mine does launch some of those things will be old hat, we won’t be first to market. If all I had to do was “work hard” the site would have launched a year and half ago, been first to market and wildly successful. But even if I could have gotten it built a year and half ago who is to say that the market would have accepted it and embraced it then? It’s possible it may have been too complicated for many people or just didn’t hit at the right time and would have been more successful five years ago or maybe five years from now. 

So many factors! One of those factors is definitely hard work and increeasing your odds by living a country that allows you to start your own business easily is a great start, but it doesn’t guarantee it will make your rich. Otherwise everyone would be doing it. 

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