A General Cheats On His Wife

Via nature males are born to procreate, and the can biologically do it as much as they want, when they want, for about 80% of a mans life; it is no accident that human men do not go through pregnancies or restricted mating seasons. Men are designed to spread their genetics as much as possible.
No matter how much a man wants to deny the possibility that he would be attracted to or may at some point want to (or successfully) take part in sexual activity with another woman, it just isn’t true. It defies natural logic to not want to copulate with more than one woman even if emotionally, socially or morally you think otherwise.

My opinion on the Patraeus:
-Good on him, decent catch *high-five*
-Shame on him, all those years of marriage soiled.
-Shame on her, he is not more handsome than your husband
-Good on her, with all that age and experience he might be a wizard in bed.
-Shame on both of them for giving the news networks another drama to drool over.

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