A safari beach holiday- the ultimate combination

A luxury holiday should not be a compromise but an all encompassing, lavish but most of all memorable experience. It is out of this increasing demand for a format that offers diversity and flexibility that the safari beach holiday was born. Safari beach holidays, as you may expect combine more typical beach style of accommodation with the exhilarations of African safaris to provide the ultimate in exotic travel .

One of the main benefits of a safari beach holiday is the sheer variety that is afforded to prospective travellers. There is a seemingly endless list of potential itineraries and luxury travel destinations available and how you approach your own specific experience is entirely defined by your own wants and needs.

A safari beach holiday allows you to entirely dictate the pace and shape of your vacation. How long you spend in each destination or devoted to each activity is entirely up to you. You could start off with a high octane safari, navigating the depths of the African bush in search of some of the most iconic large mammals on earth and then jet off to a remote and glistening isle; alternatively you could just as easily start your holiday on the beach and allow the excitement of the safari to be the culmination of your trip.

The eclectic nature of a safari beach holiday also promises that everyone will be satisfied. Suitable for both couples and families alike this kind of tour appeals to a broader spectrum of people because even if a safari isn’t immediately your idea of a perfect luxury holiday, you can spend longer at the beach, or indeed vice versa. If the parents have for years longed to trek the plains of the Serengeti but all the kids want to do is relax by the pool then with a safari beach holiday, both needs can be satisfied.

There is such a vast collection of destinations available to you that the problem actually arrives when you have to decide where to go. When it comes to picking where to start your African adventure, you can choose from the ‘home of the safari’, Kenya or the wilds of Uganda, the diversity of Tanzania or the beauty of South Africa and a host of other nations. Even those who do not immediately delight in the proposition of going on safari, I am sure will soon be won over. The unadulterated rush of seeing elephants, rhinos, leopards, lions, buffalos and hundreds of other animal and bird species is an unrivalled experience. A safari forges memories that will last for a life time, feelings of complete awe, humbleness and adrenaline fuelled enthusiasm.

From the wilds of the savannah fly away to remote islands of the Indian Ocean for a relaxed and secluded island break. Choose from the Seychelles, Mauritius, the Maldives or Zanzibar, a catalogue of exotic locales that have become synonymous with exclusive luxury and intimate romance. Some of the most prestigious resorts in the world have been established in and amongst the archipelagos of the Indian Ocean so whether it is a private island or a centrally located all-suite resort you can be sure to have a fantastic time.

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