A Short Guide To Private Sewer Insurance

When you purchase a home, the last thing you want to think about is the possibility that something could go wrong. Unfortunately, things do happen and issues relating to your sewer system are especially prevalent. Every year, more than 500,000 sewer backups occur each year in the United States. Even more concerning is the fact that most homeowners insurance policies don’t automatically include sewer and drain coverage. Luckily, you can obtain insurance coverage for private sewers which can help protect you from the unexpected.

Why Do You Need Sewer Insurance?

If something goes wrong with your sewer or drain system, the consequences can be catastrophic. Sewer backups and other issues can often lead to burst pipes, leaks, and flooding which can cause significant damage. You could end up having to replace far more than just your sewer system if sewage gets backed up into your home where it can ruin just about anything it touches.

Is Sewer Insurance Expensive?

Sewer insurance is generally not very expensive. It is tricky to give a specific price due to the many factors that play into determining how much you will pay, but chances are that you will only pay a small monthly fee. Think about how much more money you could have to pay out of pocket if you run into serious sewer issues without insurance.

Sewer issues happen to countless people all over the United States. Make sure you are properly prepared and purchase sewer insurance today.