A Short Guide To Public Entity Insurance

Public entities play a major role in the United States. They affect a variety of important things such as the way we live, work, and conduct business. They also often make pivotal decisions with the end goal of improving communities. However, public entities also face a variety of unique risks and challenges that can easily cause immense amounts of financial damage. This is where public entity insurance comes into play.

What Types Of Coverage Are Available For Public Entities?

Public entity insurance can provide coverage for many different risks. Some of the most commonly purchased types of insurance coverage are:

  • Crime insurance
  • Law enforcement insurance
  • Sexual misconduct/molestation insurance
  • Data compromise insurance
  • Employment practices insurance

What Public Entities Can Obtain Public Entity Insurance?

There are many different public entities that serve communities and each comes with unique risks that have to be protected against. Luckily, most public entities can obtain this type of insurance. Some of the public entities that can purchase public entity insurance are:

  • Libraries
  • Parks/recreation departments
  • Water utilities
  • Fire departments
  • Police departments
  • Road maintenance departments
  • Sanitation departments
  • Private schools K-12
  • Public schools K-12

Public entities play a very important role in communities across the United States.  However, they are not immune to things going wrong. Luckily, public entity insurance can help things run far more smoothly.