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I think it’s important to note that just because someone shoots someone doesn’t mean they are crazy. Also, just because someone has a mental disorder does not mean they are going to shoot someone.

I am going to quote, word for word, from the book “Schizophrenia for Dummies”.
This is directly from Chapter 16: Ten Myths about Schizophrenia You Can Forget.
Page 311:

“Myth #5: All People with Schizophrenia Are

Unfortunately, the media often sensationalizes stories about
people with mental illness who are involved in acts of violence because it makes
for catchy headlines, feeding into people’s fears and misunderstandings about
the disorder.

Although people with schizophrenia can be unpredictable,
they’re more often victims of violent crime than perpetrators of it. This is
because they often appear to be frightened and confused, making them look like
easy prey for criminals.

When individuals with schizophrenia do commit
crimes, they’re usually petty misdemeanors that are an outgrowth of their
poverty and despair. For example, a homeless person with schizophrenia might
urinate on someone’s lawn because he has no access to a public restroom or may
be charged with petty theft for stealing food when he has no money and is

When serious crimes do occur that involve people with
schizophrenia, it’s because their illness is untreated or is aggravated by drug
or alcohol abuse. Acutely psychotic patients may have outbursts of aggression:
Untreated psychosis – as well as the presence of substance abuse – increases the
chances of an individual becoming violent or aggressive in response to voices
they hear, feelings of being persecuted or followed by enemies, or feeling of
loss of control over impulses. Psychotropic medications reduce the risk of
violence as does substance-abuse treatment.”

That is the word for word
debunking provided by Jerome Levine, MD. and Irene S. Levine, PhD.

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