A Word From Our Sponsor On Add On Auto Insurance Coverage

Many people are familiar with the typical types of insurance coverage included in most Colorado Springs auto insurance policies. Liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist . . . you probably know the drill. But there are a few types of add on coverage which most Colorado Springs auto insurance companies provide that you should be aware of.
Many companies provide auto glass coverage as part of your collision and/or comprehensive coverage, but not always, and not in all circumstances. Take a close look at what your policy includes and consider adding stand alone auto glass coverage. This coverage pays for all or part of glass repairs in the event of a rock chip, a crack, or total window breakage.
Your Colorado Springs auto insurance company will most likely have an option for emergency roadside assistance coverage as well. This type of coverage allows for security and convenience in a number of sticky situations involving your vehicle. Should you get a flat tire, run out of gas, or lock your keys in your car, a representative from your auto insurance company will come to your rescue.
Towing coverage affords you a level of compensation should your vehicle require towing. Whether the damages that render your vehicle inoperable result from a wreck, weather, or other extenuating circumstances, this coverage provides quality towing at little or no cost.
Knowing about small add on options for your car insurance policy is helpful. Should you choose to take advantage of some or all of these options, you can earn yourself a fair share of security and peace of mind.