A Word From Our Sponsor On Avoid A Lawsuit With Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

Every day, somewhere in America, there is an unhappy client and a risk that that client will file a lawsuit claiming malpractice against their attorney. One way that you and your law practice can avoid an expensive lawsuit is by having a lawyers professional liability insurance policy. With a liability insurance policy, an unhappy client can file a claim with the insurance company and if the insurance company finds that their claim is substantiated, they can negotiate a financial settlement. Legal mistakes happen all the time – sometimes a legal filing is filed late with the court, there was a breach of contract between attorney and client, or the client feels that they were not given enough information about their case in a timely manner.
Whatever the issue, having lawyers professional liability insurance can save you and your law practice money. Instead of having to do your own legal defense and investigative work regarding the client’s claim, a liability insurance company has their own staff that will conduct the research. This means that you will be able to continue to serve your legal clients and keep your law practice financially secure. In the instance that a client is not willing to negotiate for settlement and files a lawsuit, the lawyers professional liability insurance policy will cover the cost of your defense team. The insurance coverage can also protect you and your law practice from having to pay any judgments that the court orders, making the payment for you.