A Word From Our Sponsor On Buying Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and omissions real estate professionals insurance coverage is a way of preparing your real estate agency for the unexpected. There are a number of increasing liabilities in service related industries. It is important to have the right insurance coverages in place that will protect your real estate agency. In addition to the usual losses of theft, or physical damages there are also damages that may be caused or at least allegedly caused by advice or service your real estate agency provides.
Each day in your real estate agency you strive to provide the best quality service possible. It is this type of quality service that will keep your customers returning to your real estate agency. You have worked equally hard to build a quality reputation. But even with diligence to every detail, mistakes are made. Those mistakes may lead to legal action. This is when errors and omissions real estate professionals insurance coveragecan step in and reduce the negative impact caused by litigation.
Real or alleged damages caused by your real estate agency can have a major impact on your business’s reputation and finances. A solid errors and omissions real estate professionals insurance policy can help offset the financial strain a damage claim can cause. There are legitimate cases stemming from an error or omission made by an agency, but there are also a number of frivolous claims. Be sure you and your agency are protected.