A Word From Our Sponsor On Choosing A Quality Insurance Lead Program

If you are in the insurance business, you know how challenging it can be to find qualified leads. Savvy business owners know that by employing the help of an insurance lead program their closing ratios increase dramatically. With so many different programs to choose from, however, it is important that you find one that provides quality leads at an affordable price. Here are a few tips to help you find the best program for your needs.

When shopping around for an insurance lead program, be sure to inquire how many agents they sell the same leads to. Some companies sell a single lead to as many as twenty agents. With that much competition, it can be very difficult to convert the lead into a customer. A quality lead program will share leads with five or fewer agents.

It is also extremely helpful to employ the services of a company that prescreens their leads. The first rule of marketing is, “know your customer.” Your job will be that much easier if you can customize the filters on the leads you receive to only include potential customers by age, income level, condition and geographic location. This will allow you to target your product to the best leads.

By choosing a quality insurance lead program, you will be able to grow your business and increase sales. Even if you end up paying a little bit more for the leads, you will still find that your return on investment is greater with targeted, qualified leads.