A Word From Our Sponsor On Competitive Insurance Services

Sloan Mason Insurance Services offers comprehensive oil & gas insurance coverage for many of the following classes of business: oil and gas geologists, geophysical exploration, oil and gas lease operators, instrument logging or survey workers, and consultants in the industry. As these particular classes are less of a risk than operators working on or in wells, the company offers these primary casualty programs at affordable rates to meet your budgetary needs for workers’ compensation, general liability, and automobile/ PHD needs. These policies are subject to deductibles, so check out the website for current rates in these areas.

The company also offers additional competitive prices on casualty insurance for the higher risk types of classes, those drilling and service contractors who work over/in the hole. These casualty policies insure personnel on oil and gas wells and include classes who perform well drilling and re-drilling, oil rig or derrick erecting and dismantling, and oil and gas haulers. These types of oil and gas classes represent a higher-risk exposure and the premiums and deductibles reflect that difference.

For the latest information and details, make sure to check out the Sloan Mason Insurance Services website. This will help you find the best insurance for your specialty clients. When looking for oil & gas insurance for your company, be sure to look at Sloan Mason Insurance Services for all your needs.