A Word From Our Sponsor On Coverage For Work On And Around The Railroad

If you have clients who are contractors that do work on or around railroads, you might want to know some more about OCP and railroad protective liability insurance policies. There are many similarities between the two, but there are also some differences and in order to get your clients the very best coverage for the work that they do, you might want to understand what those similarities and differences are.

Both OCP and railroad protective liability insurance are held by contractors who do work on or around railroads. No matter what type of work they are doing, if they are even near the railroad, they will typically be asked or required to have an insurance policy that specifically relates to the railroad. Both of these types of policies are meant to provide coverage for accidents that happened during hours of production. They are also both meant to provide coverage for accidents that only occur on that specific work site. If the contractor is doing other work near a different railroad location, he might be required to obtain another policy that will give him the right coverage for that other location. One of the biggest differences that ought to be paid attention to when you are helping your clients get the very best coverage is that railroad protective liability is coverage for acts of omissions that cause destruction around the railroad, just so the damage is related to the work that the team is doing. With OCP coverage, it only covers negligent situations that arise with the contractor and his team.