A Word From Our Sponsor On Directors & Officers Assured Organization Coverage

In general, entities in the health care industry are much more likely to be effected by a liability claim than those in other industries. This is especially true for directors and officers of medical groups, physicians groups, and medical organizations. As a result, you want to provide these types of clients with specialized coverage that will meet their specific needs comprehensively.
Directors & Officers Coverage is designed to meet the needs of directors and officers as well as the corporations they are employed by. Claims made typically affect both of these entities, so coverage that includes both is imperative to protect the assets of each. Professionals covered under this type of policy include board members as well as senior managers. The organization and corporate entities are included in coverage as well.
Directors & Officers Coverage can protect these entities and individuals from a variety of claims. Allegations of mismanagement can come from a variety of sources including vendors, competitors, shareholders, and non-executive employees. With so many potential adversaries, your clients will need extensive coverage that protects their interests competently. A myriad of coverage features make it easy for you to provide them with just that. They will have the choice of such options as full entity coverage, outside directorship coverage, and Medical Director coverage. Investigative costs and punitive damages may be included in coverage. Final adjudication, pollution exclusions, and anti-trust exclusions may be addressed in this coverage as well.
You can meet the specialized insurance needs health care Directors, Officers, and Organizations with quality Directors & Officers Coverage.