A Word From Our Sponsor On Enlarging Your Agency By Offering Staffing/Hired And Non-Owned Auto Insurance

Staffing companies often have a difficult time finding insurance due to the fact that their temporary employees can have accidents driving a different company’s vehicle. This can create a lot of problems because technically the employee is not a company employee– they are a staffing company employee so the staffing company has to cover whatever damages or injuries the accident causes. By offering a staffing/hired and non-owned auto insurance, you can widen the field of clients that your agency can assist. Every city and small-town has staffing agencies and by providing a staffing/hired and non-owned auto insurance policy, you can provide a valuable service.
If you check around with other insurance agencies in your locality you’re likely to find that they do not offer staffing/hired and non-owned auto insurance policies. Part of this could simply be attributed to the fact that most insurance agencies may not even be thinking along these lines when it comes to providing insurance for staffing companies. Another reason may be that it has been simply too difficult to find an auto insurance policy that covers staffing agencies and their employees.