A Word From Our Sponsor On Errors & Omissions Coverage For Insurance Agents

As an insurance agent you advise individuals and business about their insurance needs. Even seasoned agents can make mistakes; or an agent may even be targeted by unscrupulous customers. For these reasons it is very important that insurance agents should carry errors & omissions insurance for insurance agents. Having E & O coverage will enable you to manage the risk of unexpected claims.
Your errors & omissions insurance for insurance agents will insure you against client claims of error, omission, or negligence in the performance of your professional duties. Some of the most common claims made by unsatisfied customers are they were unfairly denied coverage; provided inadequate, inappropriate, or financially unsound coverage; or claim they were not properly informed about coverage, exclusions, policy changes, limitations, or terminations.
As hard as you strive to provide top quality information and service to your clients, there is bound to be someone who feels like you did not do your job. If you are running a large agency with many producers it is even harder to control everything that comes in and goes out of your office. Having errors & omissions insurance for insurance agents will protect your agency from the possibility of financial ruin and assure your business will be around for a long time. This is important not only for yourself but also for all the people in your employ.