A Word From Our Sponsor On Finding The Best Homeowners Insurance For Your Clients

The quality of insurance programs you offer to your clients not only reflect upon those companies, but also upon you. That’s why Quaker Special Risk understands you want to be sure you are offering the best plans available. Homeowners insurance is something people will always need. It is not simply a good idea, but usually a requirement. So, convincing your customers that they need it is not the problem, but finding the right plan for them is. Quaker Special Risk offers the best plans for your client’s dollar.
Quaker Special Risk provides plans to meet the needs of some of your more unique and discerning clientele. They offer special programs including guaranteed replacement cost, high deductible options, unlimited water back up coverage, loss control services and unlimited loss of use. They also offer coverage that is often higher risk including coverage for coastal and unproteced homeowners, , builder risk, partially completed builders risk, vacant homes and homes owned by trust, estate, LLC or a corporation. Quaker Special Risk also understands that homeowners insurance alone is not always enough. That’s why they also offer insurance for cars, valuables, yachts, excess flood and workers compensation. This is just a sampling of how Quaker Special Risk can help you and your clients.
Quaker Special Risk services all regions of the nation. Whether you are on the east or west coast or in the north or south, there is likely service available in your area.