A Word From Our Sponsor On Focused Insurance

The legal landscape of workers’ compensation has changed over the decades. Originally, it favored the employer and put him in the driver’s seat to negotiate fair claim settlements. Later, statutory laws were enacted to standardize the process and provide well-defined benefits to an injured employee for each type of injury that he may have sustained. The courts were no longer intended to be part of the process. In recent times, effective claims resolution is being performed by third party claims management firms. These companies work to return the employee to work and to settle the claims equitable for all participants. In this legal climate, it is more important than ever to have proper insurance for workers’ compensation for an auto dealer.

A strong strategy for dealerships in the past was to make sure all their coverage came from a single insurance provider. This can still be a strong strategy, particularly since it helps ensure that all the different components of the insurance work together. However, as the rules of workers’ compensation changes, it may be smart to consider a focused insurance and consult with a company which concentrates on workers’ compensation for an auto dealer exclusively. This way, you will have a broker that concentrates solely on the workers’ comp environment and is best able to keep up with all the changes and developments of this important coverage.