A Word From Our Sponsor On General Liability Specialty Insurance

Specialty insurance is a short term for a type of insurance that covers a plethora of coverages. The general liability coverages available are very diverse as well. If you own a company that the standard insurance market is not willing to cover you should be able to find a specialty policy to fit your needs.
General liability specialty insurance covers those instances that just don’t fit into the usual insurance policy. These include policies that are written for less than a normal term of insurance. These instances are known as event policies. These events could be anything from a golf tournament to a wedding reception. And within the golf tournament you could have more than one policy. One would be for the tournament itself and another if there were a prize for a hole-in-one.
Other specialty insurance policies cover unusual types of businesses. If you have a carnival that travels from place to place, Christmas tree lots, amusement parks, or any type of one-time event. Many of the larger insurance companies will have special divisions that do just these types of policies. And there are insurance companies that write nothing but excess and special risk type policies. There are likely more companies than you think available that write this type of business.
If you find yourself in need of a specialty policy, find an experienced insurance agent who is familiar with these types of coverages.