A Word From Our Sponsor On Guidelines For Finding Good Legal Liability Insurance

There used to be a time when insurance for law practices wasn’t even available to lawyers. Often, when a lawyer could find coverage, the cost did not justify the protection offered by the plan. There also used to not be as much risk involved in the legal practice. However, now in modern times, it can be found in every state and has unfortunately become a necessity. When researching legal liability insurance, there are a few policy elements to look for.
The ability to have the most up to date improvements in language policy should be included in a law practice’s insurance plan. These terms should offer specific definitions for important issues such as who is considered to be an insured, what are wrongful acts and professional services and also provisions for extended (tail) reporting. Each law firm has a unique set of risks that can vary based on the size of the firm and what the practice specializes in. So, it’s important to find a policy that offers the flexibility needed to customize a plan to fit that law practice’s needs.
Lawyers go on the front lines to defend their clients all the time. But, sometimes those same clients end up filing claims on the very person who was defending them. Threats can come at any time and are often unexpected making legal liability insurance a top priority to any successful firm.