A Word From Our Sponsor On Having Sufficient Auto Insurance Coverage

When working with an insured your job as an agent is to make sure that they are adequately covered in the event of a loss. Most of the time the insured’s losses are likely to be small and well within the primary insurance coverage. As an agent it is also your job to make sure your insureds are covered for the catastrophic events as well, this is when excess auto coverage will come into play.
It is sometimes a hard sell to an insured when it comes to recommending excess auto coverage. Times are tough and some insureds may not feel like spending additional money on insurance is something they want to do. But if your insured is in the business of transporting people or goods they are at a greater exposure for losses beyond their primary limits of liability should they be involved in an accident. This could be especially true for those insureds that are transporting people. One major accident and the bodily injury claims alone could well exceed the underlying policy limits of liability.
Help your insureds to have the adequate coverage they need to protect their businesses. If they use autos in the course of their daily business it will likely be in their best interest to have an excess auto policy in place to protect them from a catastrophic loss.