A Word From Our Sponsor On Helping Alaska’s Unique Industries With The Alaska National Insurance Workers Compensation Program

Expand your insurance business by offering what is known as the workers compensation program to your clients. Whether your clients run a shipping company, a manufacturing company, a logging company, or a mining company, you can help them with their workers compensation needs as well as give them the tools they need to manage their safety programs. Alaska industries have unique needs due to the geographical location of many of these companies. Your client’s employees often work in harsh environments which can contribute to on-the-job injuries and it is important that they have an insurance program that understands this.
With the workers compensation program, you can help Alaska companies provide everything their employees need to recover if they are injured. The insurance package covers doctors, skilled nurses, residential care, intermediate care, and clerical needs. Your clients will also be able to address a claim immediately and work with professional staff that can assist them through the entire workers compensation process. The program includes safety meeting assistance, accident investigation, loss reporting and analysis, compliance based training, safety consulting, safety education, hazard identification surveys, industrial hygiene services, and a video training library.
Your Alaska clients have enough to focus on without worrying about whether their workers’ compensation insurance coverage is sufficient. You can take away their worries by making sure that they have the workers compensation program as part of their insurance package.