A Word From Our Sponsor On Job Safety At Auto Dealerships: Watching For Potential Hazards

There is some degree of risk that comes with working at just about any occupation, and auto dealership positions are no different. While many auto employers purchase workers compensation auto dealer policies to protect employees against unforeseen job-related injuries and illnesses, it is a good idea to identify some of the areas at an auto dealership that require a little bit of extra caution by its employees.

One area of concern at auto dealerships involves musculoskeletal stresses and injuries. Auto dealerships with service/repair stations may assign tasks to its employees that involve repetitive movements or heavy lifting. Any of these activities can cause discomfort and sometimes long-term impairment to motion. Another area to watch at a dealership is the potential for slipping and/or falling. When dealing with automobiles, there is a high probability that oil and other engine fluids can leak onto floors, creating slipping hazards. Some of the liquids used for car repairs or services can also pose a risk to employees. Fuels and other unstable chemicals are flammable, while other fluids can be toxic when aspirated or dripped on skin.

The first important step to maintaining a safe work environment is identifying the potential risks. Once employers and employees are aware of all of the potential hazards at an auto dealership, steps can be taken to decrease the likelihood of injury. In the event that injury does occur, workers compensation auto dealer policies can protect the interests of both employees and employers. But perhaps the best insurance policy an auto dealership can have against injury is prevention.