A Word From Our Sponsor On Liability And Your Church

In light of the current litigious society we live in it may be time for your church to take another look at your church insurance liability coverage. Unlike property that have known values, general liability insurance deals with unknown values. An insurance company is unable to put a price tag on a liability claim, or even determine if there will be a liability claim. Anyone can sue for any amount they want. It will be up to the courts to decide if the amount can be substantiated.
When children are involved the values and emotions escalate. If your church runs a school or daycare, liability coverage can become a real issue when looking for church insurance. Because of the recent scandals many companies have severely limited or excluded sex abuse and molestation coverage along with professional liability. If your church still wants these coverages they will have to be purchased separately. Having those coverages may seem like they are costing the church a bundle. But if there is ever an allegation of sexual abuse or molestation it is likely to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Coverage to consider including in your church insurance is pastoral liability insurance. This will provide coverage for counseling malpractice, sexual misconduct, and defamation, invasion of privacy, diversion or misappropriation of funds. And in areas where it is a crime not to report child abuse, child abuse reporting coverage. Get together with your insurance agent to discuss your coverages.