A Word From Our Sponsor On Liability Coverage For Your Small Business

Small businesses can be fragile and vulnerable for their first few years; many small businesses have difficulties making profits for the first few years and the last thing a small business of any kind needs is a lawsuit. Commercial and business insurance Orlando is something that many small businesses need to have, especially if the small business works with clients regularly.

Liability insurance for businesses is designed to cover the cost of any damages that your company is found liable for. For example, if you own a landscaping business and one of your employees drops a large tree limb on a roof and causes damage; your business will most likely have to cover the cost of roof repairs. Good liability coverage should cover the cost of lawsuits and claims brought against your company, whether it be bodily injury to a third party or alleged misleading and false advertising. Even if you are ever vigilant about safety and about what your business advertises, accidents do occur and you can never know if a former client may bring a claim against you for reasons you could not have expected. If you are considering buying business insurance Orlando for your small business, you should definitely look at general liability and umbrella liability, which can be a great safety net for any business. If you have a specialized skill and work with clients, you may also want to consider errors and omissions coverage and professional insurance.