A Word From Our Sponsor On Making Sure Your Clients Have Errors And Omissions For Agents & Brokers

At some point in time in a person’s career, they are going to make a mistake, and sometimes that can lead to legal repercussions. This is true even for insurance agents and brokers and it is important to have errors and omissions for agents & brokers coverage. Sometimes large insurance agencies and brokerages have a hard time finding the right coverage but Axis Insurance Services offers insurance programs that are designed to help those who may have a high loss record or some other problem. Things happen and it is important for insurance agencies and brokers to be just as well protected as their clients are. With errors and omissions for agents & brokers insurance, the programs can be customized to meet the needs of each client.
Some of the options that agents and brokers have to choose from when working with this type of errors and omissions for agents & brokers insurance include insolvency coverage, independent contractors, surplus lines business, innocent insurance coverage, captive management, and self-insured program management. With so many options provided by Axis Insurance Services, agents and brokers can benefit from a customized insurance program designed around their individual business. Whether the agent deals in life insurance, is an insurance consultant, is a property and casualty agent, or works with health insurance, they will be able to have their needs met by the insurance programs that Axis Insurance Services offers.