A Word From Our Sponsor On Meeting The Needs Of Your High Risk Clients With Environmental Insurance

The environmental industry is one that is fraught with risks since contractors and consultants can be exposed to harmful substances and their work is important to protect the general public. Perhaps you have had individuals from this industry walk into your agency or brokerage, looking for environmental insurance. Because of the work they do, most insurance providers would consider them a high risk when it comes to insurance and it can be difficult to find a provider that will offer coverage. MarketPlus Insurance Agency is an insurance provider that has put together a package that you can offer to your environmental clients. The package is specifically created for environmental contractors and consultants and contains professional liability, general liability, and workers compensation.
The environmental insurance package that MarketPlus Insurance Agency offers is shaped to meet the needs of emergency response contractors, environmental consultants and contractors, and contractors and consultants that work with mold, lead, and asbestos. With this insurance you will be able to reach out to those businesses and individuals who are struggling to find insurance coverage for their high risk jobs. Offering environmental insurance can also lead to an increase in your agency’s clientele list and once word gets out that your agency or brokerage offers this type of insurance, you are sure to have a lot of environmental contractors and consultants walking in through your door. If you are looking for insurance programs to meet the needs of professionals in the environmental field, then you will want to check out MarketPlus Insurance Agency.