A Word From Our Sponsor On Providing Your Clients With Quality Excess Workers’ Compensation Coverage

As an insurance broker you want to provide your clients with the best insurance coverage possible. When you connect yourself with the best providers in the business, you are able to do just that. Many of your clients may be looking for Excess Workers’ Compensation coverage. Caitlin Morgan Insurance has a number of A rated carriers you can use to build each client the individual coverage package they are looking for.
At Caitlin Morgan, we provide access to sound and reliable Excess Workers’ Compensation for quality-conscious retail brokers such as yourself. In the rare event that the cost of workers’ compensation claims go beyond the limits placed on a client’s self-insured indemnity, Excess Workers’ Compensation can protect them from financial disaster. This coverage begins where their self-insurance workers’ compensation coverage ends and can limits can go as high as statutory levels. By working with us, you can supply your clients’ with aggregate protection, allowing you to shape creative solutions for clients with unique or challenging risks.
In addition to our A rated carriers and aggregate coverage solutions, you will also enjoy competitive commissions. We are one of the best insurance companies that retail brokers can turn to when seeking to provide workers’ compensation coverage in excess of their clients’ self-insurance coverage. We can connect you with top carriers and enable you to provide your clients with creative and highly individual coverage.