A Word From Our Sponsor On Social Service Insurance Packages

At Atlantic Risk Specialists we are adept at placing the risk of social service providers. As an insurance broker, you want to provide your clientele with the most comprehensive liability insurance packages available. When it comes to Social Service Insurance, you can trust in our expertise.
We have access to numerous Social Service Insurance packages for every kind of social service provider under the sun. You will be able to custom tailor coverage for services ranging from elderly care to employee assistance programs. Social service providers take on unique and considerable levels of risk. Because their services involve personal care and sensitive human relations, they open themselves up to any number of potential lSocial Services Insurance – Social Service Liability Insurance Providersawsuits. Whether your clients are concerned with professional liability, auto, workers’ compensation, or property coverage, we can connect you with highly rated carriers that offer the type and level of coverage you are looking for. We can help you develop comprehensive packages, designed to suit the needs of each social service provider you work with.
We have been successful in placing insurance for all kinds of social service classes, including services for the homeless, developmentally disabled, and the elderly. We also have coverage for unique Social Service Insurance classes such as adoption or foster care agencies and counseling centers. You might also have clients who are not social service providers, but who need this type of insurance for their employee assistance programs. We can connect you with A rated carriers in this area as well.