A Word From Our Sponsor On The Information To Include On A Car Insurance Claim

Just your luck, you’ve gotten in to a wreck. Now you need to make a claim on your Colorado Springs auto insurance policy. Taking the time to get your insurance adjuster the information they need in the case of an accident can make the process of getting your claim money go as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Provide your adjuster with before and after photos of your car. Make sure you have before photos of the interior as well as the exterior. After photos only need to include areas where damage is present. This will make it very clear cut what damages were or were not caused in the collision.
Get a quote from your preferred garage on the cost of needed repairs. Provide this to your Colorado Springs auto insurance adjuster via email or fax upon receipt. This will save you the time of waiting for them to get a quote. It will help keep your claim at the top of your adjuster’s to do list and can speed the process of working through your claim.
Providing these two items of information will save your Colorado Springs auto insurance adjuster a lot of footwork. It will decrease the time your claim sits waiting in a pile for needed information, and get you your claim money as soon as possible. Then you are able to make needed repairs and get on with the stuff of life.