A Word From Our Sponsor On The Most Common Injuries At Tire Dealerships

At times, a tire dealership employee will get a serious injury and the person will have to take off work. Tire Dealerships Workers Comp will cover the costs associated with the injury. Being struck by a tire or a tire exploding is the most common injury. Dealerships are full of tires and because they are so big, they become a hazard.

A vehicle, tools and equipment, is another injury that could happen at a tire dealership. This could also include fall objects such as boxes, tools or tires. They fall because they are not secure. The employee needs to use good materials handling by stacking boxes, equipment and tires in a safe manner.

When an injury happens, the Tire Dealerships Workers Comp cases need to be filed; there will be an investigation on the safety of the facility. There are very strict procedures for the employees and how they can avoid workers compensation. All accidents can be prevented and it takes proactive employees to keep the workplace safe.

The most common injuries appear to happen in the auto repair shop at the dealership. This is the most hazardous place because there are loose tools, tires and equipment that could pose a threat or concern to the safety of employees. They need to be extremely careful working in these conditions in order to avoid getting hurt.