A Word From Our Sponsor On The Potential Cost Of Litigation

With the rising cost of attorney’s fees, court costs, and possibly having to pay damages; being without error and omissionsinsurance seems risky. E & O coverage can provide peace-of-mind for a business owner in today’s litigious climate. Not only is a business owner responsible for themself but also for their employees. In today’s economy it would be tragic to have to lay off any of your employees so that you can cover your legal expenses. In an extreme case, a lawsuit could even cost you your business.
Lawsuits are not just about negligence they are also about allegations of negligence. It may be you were just one part of a transaction. When a negligence lawsuit is filed an attorney will bring in as many parties as possible in an effort to get compensation for their client. Even if you are innocent and are proven so in a court of law, you still have to defend yourself. Having the right error and omissions insurance for your business will help offset the cost of your defense. We live in a litigious society where many people see a lawsuit as a get rich quick opportunity.
Even if your company is successful with very high quality controls in place and high work standards someone can make a mistake. If a client or customer files a lawsuit you will be glad you have invested in your future by purchasing error and omission insurance.