A Word From Our Sponsor On The Standard Losses Covered In Renters Insurance Policies

Orange County renters insurance is intended to cover the contents of your rental apartment or home in the event of a disaster. Prior to purchasing a policy, it is important to be aware of the losses that are typically covered in such a policy and note whether or not they are noted in the specific policy you are considering. You will also want to note the limit placed on each type of loss.
Orange County renters insurance policies generally cover two types of content loss. These include contents on the premises and contents off the premises. On-premises losses would be items such as clothing, electronic equipment, and kitchen wares. Off premises contents would include items that you tend to take with you away from your rental. Examples are books, handheld devices, camera equipment, or a bicycle. In the event that such items are damaged, stolen, or lost, they would be covered under a typical renters policy.
Additional living expenses are also typically covered in an Orange County renters insurance policy. Such coverage reimburses you for living expenses that exceed what you would normally pay for them. This includes the cost of living accommodates if your rental is left uninhabitable. It also covers the difference in cost of having to eat out rather than cooking at home.
A standard renters insurance policy will also have liability coverage. This means you will be reimbursed up to policy limits for property damage and medical expenses others experience as a direct result of your negligence. This liability coverage also covers legal defense fees and judgments. A common example of such a circumstance would be your dog biting someone.