A Word From Our Sponsor On The Types of Auto Coverage You May Need

When deciding on what type of New London Connecticut Auto Insurance is right for you, there are many types of coverage for you to ponder and consider. A trained insurance agent can help you understand what you need and how much coverage is best for you, but it can be helpful to understand the difference between types.

To protect yourself from losses if you are at fault in an accident, liability coverage is a must. Accidents can happen in a flash, and this type of New London Connecticut Auto Insurance can be very important to have. You should also have no fault coverage, which can give you personal injury protection regardless of who is ultimately at fault in an accident.

Collision coverage is pretty straightforward. This insurance protects you in the event you collide with another vehicle. Comprehensive offers benefits in the case of something other than collision, which might include vandalism, fire, or even theft.

Medical payments coverage will cover many of the medical expenses incurred by both the driver and the passengers in your vehicle. Another good insurance coverage to buy is the uninsured motorist coverage, which protects you and your passengers if you are hit by someone who either does not have insurance or doesn’t have enough. There are additional coverage options for New London Connecticut Auto Insurance as well, including towing, rental coverage, and full glass coverage.