A Word From Our Sponsor On Umbrella Insurance Policy Limits

Orange County umbrella insurance is additional liability insurance you purchase above and beyond any liability coverage that exists in your auto or homeowners policies. Most people carry minimum limits on these policies, which often provide terribly inadequate liability coverage. Purchasing an Orange County umbrella insurance policy allows you to work with your insurance provider to create a policy whose liability coverage suits your financial circumstances as well as your level of risk.
Limits in insurance policies represent the total amount that your insurance carrier will reimburse you in the event you make a claim on your insurance benefits. A homeowners insurance policy will typically have a limit in the range of the value of the home. An auto insurance policy will typically include a limit which covers the value of the vehicle. Unfortunately, when it comes to potential liability costs, these numbers are not as cut and dry.
When bodily injury or property damage occurs, your various insurance policies will cover your costs up to the limit on each policy. From that point forward, you are personally responsible for any further expenses. This is where Orange County umbrella insurance comes in. Carrying an umbrella policy increases your liability coverage. Once your other policy limits have been met, your umbrella policy limit then kicks in. The term “umbrella” doesn’t mean the policy will cover everything; it means it will provide coverage above what your primary policies cover. Determining the amount of umbrella insurance you should carry, and what limits you should accept in your policy, is a highly individual matter which should be discussed carefully with an insurance professional.