A Word From Our Sponsor On What Are Artisan Contractors

Artisan contractors are skilled contractors. These are the carpenters that build custom cabinets; the plumbers that can put plumbing in a new building, as well as fix old plumbing; they are the electricians; the roofer; and can even be tree specialists. All of these special contractors need contractors-artisan contractors insurance.
Other professions that may not immediately come to mind when thinking of artisan contractors are other skilled laborer that do things around the home like piano tuners so the kids can practice, interior decorators who will help give homes a lift, and exterminators that keep homes pest free. These are just more examples of people who need contractors-artisan contractors insurance.
If your insured is an artisan contractor looking for insurance there are several different policies to consider. For their business and real property the easiest way to cover them is with a business owner’s policy (BOP). The equipment that an artisan contractor uses that is moved from place to place so that they can do their work is the most vulnerable for loss. This equipment may not be covered under a BOP policy and will have to have a separate insurance policy.
There are also different types of liability coverages that contractors-artisan contractors insurance will need to cover. Because of the specialty of this insurance it is best to have an underwriter that can go over your insured’s business and advise you on the best insurance coverages for their business.