A Word From Our Sponsor On What Businesses Benefit From A Small Energy Program

A small energy program can be just the ticket for your hard to place client, if they fit the bill. This type of program is not for every business. In fact, there are even some classes of business that are excluded from the program altogether. Finding the right program for your client is important, so be sure to understand whether or not their business can benefit from participating in such a program. With this program, it is especially important to make sure that the client’s business class is not on the exclusion list.

This program mostly involves coverage for compensation and liability dealing with small risks related to energy. Classes that are ineligible include those having to do with drilling, manufacturing drill rigs, explosives, gas distributing, well shooting, and even pipeline construction. Many of these companies involve larger risks whereas this program is mostly involved with smaller risks to the employees. One benefit to this program, however, is that it is generally available in all states except North Dakota.

If your client is hard to place, turning to a specialty insurance program can be very beneficial. A small energy program can be a great option as long as your client’s business is not on the exclusion list. Before attempting to draw up the policy, be sure your client is eligible for such coverage. In the end, it could save you both a lot of headaches.