A Word From Our Sponsor On What City Homes Insurance Program Insurance Can Offer To Your Clients

Perhaps you have a couple of clients (or maybe more than a couple) that own a small apartment complex, condo building, or a few coops. You probably are already aware that it can be difficult to find them insurance policies for these properties that are designed for a smaller number of units, but there is a program that you should take the time to learn more about, and that is the city homes insurance program insurance offered by the Distinguished Programs Group. This program has been put together with the small apartment or condo owner in mind and by people who understand the limitations of other insurance plans as well as the challenges that this kind of clientele can face.
With the city homes insurance program insurance, your clients can have both property and liability coverage and choose whether they want a high and low limit umbrella liability. The program aims at individuals or companies that own a small complex or building, consisting of no more than 20 units. The building and units cannot be built with frame construction, there should be no restaurant on the premises, the complex or building should be no higher than six stories, and they should be $5mm in TIV or less. The city homes insurance program insurance that the Distinguished Programs Group offers provides benefits such as competitive pricing, a fast turnaround, low deductible options, and a low minimum premium of $2,500. By partnering with the Distinguished Programs Group, you can give your small city homes clientele the ability to obtain the insurance they need for their properties and at a price that will not break their budget.