A Word From Our Sponsor On What Commercial Insurance You Need

Business and commercial insurance policies vary in coverage depending on the type of business and the size of the business. A small business owner will require different insurance policies and coverage than a CEO of a large corporation; but both the small business owner and the CEO will need commercial insurance Orlando of some kind. If you are a small business owner who has never ran your own business and therefore has never had to buy commercial insurance, there are a few types of coverage that you should definitely consider getting when you shop for a good policy.

If you have employees, depending on the size of your business, you will have to have workers compensation and disability insurance. Workers compensation and disability is basically liability insurance that you pay into for your employees. If one of your employees is ever injured on the job they can take time off without having to pay for it themselves or make you pay out of pocket. As a small business owner, you should also have general liability coverage. General liability coverage will cover the legal and medical costs if a third party is injured on your commercial property, or if you or one of your employees is found liable for a third party injury. General liability insurance should also cover any property damage. If you and/or your employees operate any commercial vehicles, you definitely need to get commercial insurance Orlando for autos.