A Word From Our Sponsor On What Lawyer Malpractice Covers

Lawyer malpractice insurance is a means for a lawyer to protect themselves against lawsuits filed against them. Malpractice insurance is coverage for professionals for a liability claim. A professional can be sued when a client believes that a professional has failed to perform their duty. Some of the reasons that lawyers are sued is for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, or simply for alleged negligence.
A malpractice lawsuit, if won by the claimant, holds the lawyer responsible for any damages incurred by their client. An award for compensation of the damages is given to the victim of the malpractice. Lawyer malpractice insurance shields the lawyer from having to pay the award out of pocket. The insurance company will pay the claim based on the limits of liability the lawyer purchased.
The lawyer malpractice insurance policy a lawyer purchases can take care of fees such as lawyer fees, court costs, and if there is one, the settlement itself. With our society becoming more litigious it is almost necessary for any professional to have malpractice insurance.
If you are a lawyer looking to purchase malpractice insurance you will want to look for an insurance professional that is familiar with this type of coverage. There are a limited number of insurance companies willing to write this type of coverage and your insurance agent will have to be able to access one.