A Word From Our Sponsor On Who Can Benefit From A Rental Equipment Insurance Program

A rental equipment insurance program can be a great benefit to many different clients. While an agent may have many clients that are pretty simple to place with certain programs, there may come a time when one client is more difficult to place than another. In this case, the agent might think about looking into a specialty insurance program to meet the client’s needs. When it comes to protecting rental equipment, there are a few key businesses that might benefit from such a program.

Party rental stores have all sorts of equipment that they loan out for special occasions. This can include chairs, tables, decorations such as pillars, and even serving items like chocolate fountains. There are general tool rental companies that loan tools to customers to complete projects, items such as electric saws or drills, and maybe even certain vehicles if needed. For larger equipment, there are also companies that specialize in contractors equipment rental for those tools that even a contractor might need.

Each of these companies may stand to benefit from a rental equipment insurance program. You never can tell what a customer might do with a tool, and getting it insured can be quite prudent. If you have an equipment rental client who seems to be hard to place, try looking into a specialty insurance program to really meet their needs.