A Word From Our Sponsor On Why Is Auto Insurance More Expensive For Teens

If you remember how it felt to actually get your first driver license, you probably remember feeling excited and nervous at the same time. What you most likely don’t remember is the amount your parents paid to insure you to drive their car. If you have a teenager that will soon be driving, you have probably been looking at Putnam Connecticut auto insurance and wondering how you will manage to pay the new higher premium.

When you understand why the premium for a younger driver is higher, it helps a little, and may cause you to consider offering your teen the chance to help pay for the insurance as a way to help them be a more responsible driver. Insurance costs are based on the risk that the insurance company will have to pay a claim. An older, experienced driver with a clean record poses a relatively low risk. However, with a totally inexperienced driver, one can see that the risks are higher. At the same time, factor in the statistics that show that a high percentage of auto accidents involve drivers under the age of 25, and one can see that the risk is definitely greater.

Because of this, nearly any auto insurance company, including your Putnam Connecticut auto insurance agency is likely to charge more for your teen to drive the car than they charge for you to drive the same car.