A Word From Sponsor On Avoiding Unintentional Double Coverage

Insurance comes in many forms and can provide you coverage for just about anything you’d like to insure. Having a diversified Denver Insurance portfolio with adequate coverage in key areas is definitely a good idea. That said, be aware of some types of insurance that overlap with other common policies. Unless intended, you may be paying for double coverage.
Accidental-death insurance covers just that, accidental death. It covers fatal circumstances such as traffic accidents and heavy equipment accidents, as well as exposure, homicide and drowning. What is important to understand is that all of these accidents are often covered in a standard life insurance policy. Accidental-death insurance can be added as double indemnity coverage, but it is often a better investment and more cost effective when included in a group life insurance contract.
Mortgage life insurance pays off the remaining balance on your mortgage in the event of your death. This is a benefit you would want for your family in the case of your demise, as it would certainly be a boon to them financially as they move forward. But if you carry a term-life Denver Insurance policy, this cost can be calculated into your total coverage, making a separate policy unnecessarily complicated.
Being aware of areas where different types of Denver Insurance can overlap can help you avoid unintentional double coverage. Being aware of both inclusions and exclusions in your various policies will help you determine what coverage gaps you may want to fill and what coverage need not be added to existing coverage.