Abortion At the Age of 16

At least in the US, it boils down to if you are not in danger or someone else is in danger because of you, they are not allowed to say anything.   NOW…I know some people will say killing an unborn child is harmful, but there are MANY circumstances that need to be taken into consideration before spilling such beans to parents. Some parents could abuse/harm/kill their child for even getting pregnant. And why should the girl have to suffer that, and the boy doesn’t have any potential danger like that?

Now, I know this wasn’t the question, but I don’t really think the school should be helping. I didn’t read the article, but what you’ve written doesn’t say if they were being done at school or if the girls were given information on where they could go for an abortions. If it’s the latter, it’s not the school’s place to say a thing.  If it’s the former, I definitely don’t think the school should be performing such things. If the school cannot prescribe my child medication, they should not be performing abortions!

@sarahzthoughts – Not all abortions are surgery…nor do they all require children being sucked out of bodies.  Not starting a fight, just stating facts.

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